Teicos Group

Joins 3 companies construction and Real Estate companies on public and private market

Teicos Costruzioni Srl

is the construction company turned to the private market, which can do for you :

  • Complete replacement of the roof (sloped or flat)
  • attic retrofit and design
  • asbestos removal;
  • building deep renovation
  • other works such as the restoration of the facades, the adaptation of the plants, paving , etc.

Teicos UE Srl

is the enterprise qualified for public procurement with SOA certification in the following categories :

  • OG1 Civil and industrial buildings ( class IV )
  • OG3 Roads, highways, bridges, viaducts, railways , subways ( class II )
  • OG9 Installations for the production of electricity ( classification III )
  • OG12 Works and drainage systems and environmental protection 

It also designs and realize photovoltaic installation and deep energy saving renovation of buildings.
The company has also obtained the certification of Quality Management System in accordance with ISO 9001 .

Teicos Immobiliare snc

Is the company that manages real estate transactions aimed at the construction of new housing units , offices and spaces for commercial or industrial use.